How To Get More Sex Tonight By Connecting Your Heart In Sex!

Many women I’ve spoken to also complain that their partner just wants sex and that they don’t feel love in the sexual act. Their partner just seems into the thrills and joys of sex with little connection in their hearts.

In the Indian energy chakra system, the sex center and the heart center are located in different parts of the body. For many of us, especially men, making love continues to connect and open both energy centers.

If one usually makes love one way, it may take some practice to open different energy centers. As a result, sex becomes much more of an act of love and even ecstasy.

Most men learned to masturbate with little self-love through practice. All focus was on the base chakra. If you’re a man, ask yourself when you really felt that self-gratification was an act of loving yourself.

Heart Meditation.

I learned a variation of this meditation when I was in my early twenties. It was called the bliss technique. Deepak Chopra has a variation on this meditation in his book ‘The Path to Love’.

This meditation may just seem too simple to be effective. However, I believe that the simplest exercises can be the most profound. When I practice this meditation, I have a contacted wave of bliss rising from a deep part of myself. The result of these experiences was a beautiful deepening of my own self-love.


It is good to learn this exercise by sitting comfortably in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. In general, the morning is best because you are the furthest. I have also practiced this walking meditation with excellent results.

Now close your eyes and focus on the part of your body where your heart is located. Concentrate on the center of the body, even if the actual physical heart is a bit to the left.

Just feel and relax in this part of your body. Breathe gently. You can breathe into your heart. Some people like to breathe lightly in their hearts.

Set an intention for your heart to open and speak to yourself. When you come to your mind, be gentle with yourself and return to your focus on your heart area. When you practice a mantra meditation, focus on the heart area in your meditation.

By doing this simple exercise every day, you will notice that your heart energy will become stronger. Areas of emotions and fears will gradually be released so that your love can flow.

I suggest trying this exercise for 10 minutes or more per day for at least 2 weeks.

Advanced practice.

The advanced practice involves satisfying yourself while focusing on your heart. Set up a loving space for this exercise. I suggest music and candles and incense.

Start as in the exercise above. Then slowly self-pleasure while focusing on your heart. Build up the energy slowly to almost orgasm and stop. Do this a few times. If you want an orgasm, do this, but stay focused on your heart.

See if you make masturbation a real act of self-love. Be gentle and loving to yourself.

Advanced practice 2.

The next exercise is to do the advanced exercise, but let your partner please you. Make eye contact and let your love really flow while being touched. Let your love really flow to your partner as the energy builds up. Get close to orgasm 3 times. Communicate with your partner if you get too close. Breathe slowly and deeply. If you want to come, if you come, imagine and feel that you are giving concentrated love to your partner at the point of orgasm. Try to keep your eyes open if possible.

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If you do something new every time you make love, you will really discover what turns your wife on.

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